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How to Get Found on the First Page of Google Search and Google Maps Without Paying for Adwords:
Submit your Biz to be on the Front page 
in 12 months or less Guaranteed

Step 1. Decide your target audience and niche

Step 2. Build a website

Step 3. Strategically choose keywords & photos, name, size and position

Step 4. Use your brand & logo, or make a simple one for now if needed

Step 5. Verify your location, website and contact info w Google

Step 6. Connect your website (url) to partner platforms

Step 7. Update your business profiles to meet your intentions

Step 8. Use smart headlines and Google descriptions


Step 10. It takes 3-6 months to see real results-In the meantime blog, post, update. With a little patience you'll be on the first page organically


We specialize in making you look your best:

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All Clients -retain top 3 rank:


Updated May 2019  (Try for Yourself!)

keywords: hendersonville real estate attorney

Collie Law Firm


keywords: asheville metal building  


Dynamic Developement


keywords: asheville auto detail


Auto Detail Asheville


keywords: asheville hardwood flooring

Blue Ridge Floors

Back to number 2 Dec 2018


Jan 2018 World News:  Google Holds 91.79% of the World Market Share for Search engines as of Dec 2017

(Good thing that's the one what we've been focusing on for over a decade)

Let's get your SmallBiz Found on google... Now.


*Find complete and affordable remedies to being an online "ghost" here

*As Low as $99/month (12 month min) for HIGH VISIBILITY!

  • Create a website   *specialising in the simple, the great, and the SEEN

  • Develope an Online Foundational Presence right now

  • Be seen (get found)

  • People.. (potential customers) start calling.. a lot.

What we have is a window of opportunity. 


"In Google we trust" 


Not many people REALLY know the power of what Google can do for their business right now. News is spreading and eventually others will figure out that there are ingredients that consistently manifest a top spot on Google search.


I have spent the last 10 years collecting and organizing these ingredients in order to catapult my own flooring business and have had more success than I ever could have imagined. 


From 2007 to 2014,  had no traffic.  There was a nice website, complete with pictures and links to Facebook, but all the real phone calls came from referrals, paper ads, and repeat business.


Summer 2015, a couple months after launching our GetFound overhaul, the page was hitting as many as 96 new sessions in a day.  (see the graph below)




Get Found on Google Asheville
Get found on Google

These are ingredients that translate into phone calls.


A lot of phone calls. 



We have the advantage of getting ahead of the crowd by activating our online presence now.


Try searching for any local business.  If there are google reviews for that business, they have begun the process.  (Notice that a huge majority have no Google reviews)



**Google Search holds 91.79%  of the WORLD market

share for search engines in (as of Dec 2017) 




Info you need to know:


There is an incubating period from the time we begin mixing our seo concoction.  This consists of several "switches" that need to be turned on.  Information needs to be loaded.  Blogs, pictures, reviews, and content need to be introduced into a variety of onine locations.  Expect there to be a couple months with little new traffic.  Google and friends are identifying whether what we have done to promote your site is legitimate or not. After this time, (be patient) suddenly, you will notice that your online presence is beginning to make a debut.  Maybe you show up once on the front page when you type in a keyword related to your business.  Our goal, is to eventually get your business in MULTIPLE places on the front page when a relevant keyword is searched.


Try typing "asheville nc flooring"   or  "asheville nc hardwood flooring"  or even floors, or sanding and refinishing floors (in asheville nc)  


These are keywords used by homeowners and contractors that will bring them to Blue Ridge Floors....  Several places on the google search front page.  (Look for the give-away:

**Also try typing these examples into google:


“Hendersonville real estate attorney”     See our work on the front page: Page Collie


“Asheville Auto Detail”      See our work on the front page:


“Asheville metal building”    See our work on the front page: Dynamic Developement








See below for Projects by GetFound Guru


Get found on Google


Blue Ridge Floors.  A custom service business that doubled it's total sales the year after being launched as a GetFound project. IT TAKES A FEW MONTHS!


Get found on Google

Dynamic Developement is an Asheville-based steel building company that decided they wanted to be the best and most-called-on company of their type in town.  We've blown by the deep-pocket competition to be on Google's 1st Page with the desired appropriate key words!!


Get found on Google
First Page Law


The Collie Law Firm asked us for a basic package but wound up being Best in Class using GREENLIGHT Marketing for their website design and SEO needs. Call today for a free quote to be UP FRONT!

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